Our production is mainly based on the engineering industry, in the steel Bodyside sector, painting and assembling of equipment, aboard machine systems, carpentry , production equipment, handling. 

We have our own planning, design and pre-project methods office. We work for many production factories (such as Fiat Auto and Comau S.p.A) in which we use our box, equipment and our staff, highly specialized in building fixtures for the assembling, where we deal with the technicians from Fiat Technology and COMAU Office concerning equipment and light small fixtures for assembling. 

We are also available for construction works, assembly and installation/maintenance work at Customers sites, with our own equipment, specialized staff and site managers.


Via Moncalieri, 19/A   Villastellone (TO) Italy 
Tel: +39 011 9610458   Fax: +39 011 9610923


Via E. De Nicola,157 03043 Cassino (FR) Italy 
Tel: +39 0776 343372 Fax +39 0776 342247


Via San Quintino, 28 10121 Torino Italy
P.IVA: 01706270012

  • EQUIPMENT      &     WORKING

The CO.GE.CAR. s.a.s. has the Headquarter in Via Moncalieri 19/A 10029 Villastellone (TO) Italy

The company is in the industrial area of Villastellone and it is esay to reach with the Turin south bypass (exit Moncalieri/Villastellone) direction Villastellone.

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